welcome to my page


i am a 17-year old artist and old web enthusiast. might throw some things on here on occasion :3

ive been into old web stuff since i was little. 10 yr old me thought scene queens were the toughest shit ever (and 17 yr old me agrees!!) ive been chasing that level of cool since.

big thanks to sadgrl's resources, couldn't have made this site without them, and thanks for the tumblr users who's blinkies i shamelessly ripped from their pages.

as with anyone "old-web," im firmly leftist, against most censorship, and hate the gentrifying of the internet . things have changed in a major way over the past decade, and while im obviously for some of it, im not a fan of the megacorps janking our style and forcing us into nicher sides of the web. i thought we were ALL degenerate dorks, what happened?!?!?!?

but yeah!! check out my stuff in the "art" tab, or learn a little more about what exactly im trying to do here in "ab me.".


unironic animal jam player, homestuck fan, gravity falls dork.

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